Wednesday, 12 February 2014

WIP February 2

Hey guys second WIP of February is all about my Skaven. I started painting some more stormvermin and had a little conversion/green-stuff adventure with my warlock engineer. As you can see from the picture above are two stormvermin already finished, I have painted them in the same colors as my warlord which you can see at the left. I also started painting three other stormvermin but I have only painted the base and did a little base coating on two of them.

Alright now comes the warlock engineer, as you might now am I not a real hero when it comes to green stuff but I am pretty happy with the results on this guy.

I used the body and backpackthing from the iob warlock engineer and added arms from the stormvermin kit, I will use this guy as a lv2 with warp-energy condenser. As you can see from the pictures I have used green-stuff to connect the shoulderpads with the main armor and I sculpted the other half of his leg armor. I didn't like the shield he was standing on so I removed most of it. Original this mini is placed on a base with a groove so he had a piece of plastic beneath his feet, I remove this slanting so his right feet would be standing higher then his left one. I used some cork to make a little rock on his base and than used glue and green-stuff to attach him to the base, this will be hided with some sand befor he gets undercoated. with the pointing arm and him standing half on he rock it have to look like he is about to cast Wraplighting witch will be his main job in every game I am going to play with him.

Hope you like them & keep on happy painting!


Monday, 3 February 2014

WIP February 1

A fresh and cleaned up workplace for February!

Hey guys it has been a bit quiet here before last week, more about that will be explained later this post. The most important thing is that I am back with a fresh start and I want to put some more of my live into my blogpost. Don't worry it won't be all drama about everything that is going wrong in my opinion but I want to get a little closer with my hobby activities to the readers and add a bit humor to my post. So you can aspect more of those workstation pics and some "pretend to be funny" captions. 

Alright up to the WIP part of this post because I have already been talking so long here are some pictures;

I started painting the displaybase for my goblin shaman project I have started with the grey rocks that form my little cave. nothing real special mostly big brushes work, I tried to paint it so it looks like there is less light the further you are looking in to the cave, so I started with a dark-grey-brownish color and work my way up to light grey. As you might have seen from the picture I started this post with, am I making pictures of every step that I undertake to paint this piece. And In the post(see link a bit above) where I first showed you this protect I already told you that I have taken pictures of ever step making the displaybass. So to make 1 + 1 a full step by step tutorial how to make and paint this display base will be made after I finished the project.

The other mini that was on my workstation last week is this high elf mage for my high elf army. I repainted him to fit in with my new color scheme and I am very happy with the result is wasn't a real hard or long job but one that had to be done and now my high elf army is one painted mini richer (you can see the first version here)

To continue where I have started this post with, the reason that I haven't be doing a lot of hobby related stuff last weeks has a couple of reason first of all I was very busy with school (Yes again that one excuse!) I had a lot of products to make (aka AutoCAD-drawings a couple of reports and a tender document) and I have arranged a internship that starts next Monday. 

Furthermore I have discover a new hobby, I have always love good electronic music(great to listen to while painting!) and I wanted to make some beats myself. So after trying out a demo version I have bought a program called FL-studio and now am working on a remix for a remix competition but hopefully more about that in the next week for now;

Keep on happy painting!

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Rats on Fire!

Hey guys, I have a little addition to the skaven army today a Wrapfirethrower weaponteam! I painted the base and both rats separately, I liked painting the guy with the barrel on his back the most because of the all the things that are on the barrel like the green tubes and the smoke. The weapon works, just ask there little helper on the base ;)
some more pics;

Keep on happy painting!

Monday, 6 January 2014

New year, new project & 10K pageviews

Hey guys before I start the post I would like to say that we have passed 10000 pageviews yesterday!! Since the first day of this year which I started with the happy new year post  pageviews are hitting the blog like crazy. counts of 500 at one day are now normal, last Saturday we even had 1000 pageviews on one day and yeah that made me quite happy :). These numbers must be an earlier sign of an awesome year that is going to follow!

Alright with that being said we can go to the real work, as you can see from the post title have I started a new project, the idea had be in my mind for quite a long time and 2 weeks ago I couldn't wait anymore and started working. But before I show you the pictures I want to warn you that I have promised myself to first finish Sicarius(who is quite dusting away now) before I go on with this project so an update can take a couple of weeks. here is what I am working on:

When GW came with the plastic goblin shaman I knew I had to paint it one day and with the miniature being just 8 euro it was quite a cheap kit from GW so I bought it. I had the idea in mind to place him in a cave and this what I have came up with, the base is made out of wood, cork, clay and some sculpted mushrooms(I am going to add sand before he gets undercoated). Till now I have made a photo of every step I have made to make the base and I want to continue with that while painting so when this badboy is finished you can aspect and whole step by step tutorial on how to make and paint him.

Keep on happy painting!

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A happy new year post!

Hey guys, to keep the tradition alive I would like to wish everybody a happy, healthy and successful 2014!

I hope that everybody has still 10 fingers left to paint with!

Keep on happy painting in 2014!

Sunday, 29 December 2013

High elf archers

Last update of this year is again for the high elf army, all the gems and blue didn't got boring after finishing the spearman so I continued on these guys. It is basically the same color scheme as the spearman but with more dark blue. I have painted five archer and a musician, full command is a waste of points on these guys but the musician gives you some freedom in movement and maneuvering so that's why he is in. I mostly use these guys in groups from ten to twenty as range support and a unit to put my mage in, so more to come!

Monday, 23 December 2013

Looking back at 2013

Hey guys it is the 23th of December today and this might be the last post for this year so I thought it would be good opportunity to look back at 2013. So what kind of a year has 2013 been on this hobby blog, well overall there are two big things, the blog has grown into the community and miniature painting became a part of this blog.

We started this year with a WIP pic of my high elf spearman and last week I showed you the complete unit finelly finished so what has happened between those two post well read on to find out..