Wednesday, 12 February 2014

WIP February 2

Hey guys second WIP of February is all about my Skaven. I started painting some more stormvermin and had a little conversion/green-stuff adventure with my warlock engineer. As you can see from the picture above are two stormvermin already finished, I have painted them in the same colors as my warlord which you can see at the left. I also started painting three other stormvermin but I have only painted the base and did a little base coating on two of them.

Alright now comes the warlock engineer, as you might now am I not a real hero when it comes to green stuff but I am pretty happy with the results on this guy.

I used the body and backpackthing from the iob warlock engineer and added arms from the stormvermin kit, I will use this guy as a lv2 with warp-energy condenser. As you can see from the pictures I have used green-stuff to connect the shoulderpads with the main armor and I sculpted the other half of his leg armor. I didn't like the shield he was standing on so I removed most of it. Original this mini is placed on a base with a groove so he had a piece of plastic beneath his feet, I remove this slanting so his right feet would be standing higher then his left one. I used some cork to make a little rock on his base and than used glue and green-stuff to attach him to the base, this will be hided with some sand befor he gets undercoated. with the pointing arm and him standing half on he rock it have to look like he is about to cast Wraplighting witch will be his main job in every game I am going to play with him.

Hope you like them & keep on happy painting!


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